Why Become a Friend?

Friends are people who support the work of Magic Me, by making one off or regular donations. They enable Magic Me to keep on leading the way in innovative approaches to working with older and young people.
We can’t do all this without financial support. We receive no core funding from Government and therefore have to raise the money for our projects every year.

Become a friend because:

You’ll be supporting our work in Tower Hamlets, an area with the highest rates of pensioner and child poverty in England. 1 in 2 older people and 1 in 4 children live in income poverty.
You will help us to plan ahead and grow Magic Me’s programmes to reach new parts of London and the east of England.
Your donations will mean we can keep running exciting, creative arts projects that bring communities together.
As our younger and older participants work together on creative projects they find, or rediscover, a sense of purpose and a status as collaborators and citizens. Whatever our age, two things that really affect our health and wellbeing are social connectedness and having control over our own lives. Magic Me offers both.
Our Friends’ support shows other funders that individuals and the public value what we do.

What do you get?

A nice warm glow knowing you are helping us in our work!
A quarterly special Friends Newsletter giving more detail about our work and how your ongoing support is making a difference
Invitations to events
Invitations to occasional one-off events just for Friends

How to Become a Friend

Make a regular monthly donation, either by direct debit through the bank or via our online fundraising platform at LocalGiving
Make a one-off donation of £20 or more
Currently our friends give between £5 and £200 per month.
If you can Gift Aid your donation that gives us a bit extra on top!

Bonus Months

Magic Me’s fundraising team want to maximize every penny we get in so we take part in a number of fundraising schemes where we can get extra money on top of donations that our supporters make:

October-November – Grow Your Tenner via Local Giving

If you become a Friend through regular giving of over £10 per month between 17th October and 17th November then the Local Giving ‘Grow Your Tenner’ initiative will put extra money into our pot after you’ve been giving regularly for 6 months. If you do give £10 a month this means that your annual £120 will grow to £180!
You can find out more and sign up through the Grow Your Tenner scheme here:
Anyone donating in this way will automatically become a Friend of Magic Me

November-December – The Big Give Christmas Challenge

If you become a Friend by giving a one-off amount of £20 or more then doing so on the day of the Big Give will help us to access an extra pot of money available from the Big Give Foundation.  On the morning of 28th November go online and give here and we will then be eligible to have that matched up to a maximum of £5,000 per donor, per project.
Anyone donating more £20 or more through the Big Give Christmas Challenge will automatically become a Friend of Magic Me.
Don’t worry if you miss these windows of opportunity for a bonus – we are happy for you to support us on your own timetable (and budget) at any time during the year.
If you’d like to know more about anything to do with the Friends scheme, Grow Your Tenner or the Big Give then please give us a call on 020 3222 6064 or email imogenduffin@magicme.co.uk