Speak as you find – The Neighbour transcript

So when I moved into my flat, it’s the top flat in a converted Victorian house so it’s the attic. There’s three other flats in the building and one is underneath me and when I first moved in I knew there was someone that lived in it but I’d never met and the only thing I knew about his is that he kept really late hours ad he washed up when I’d gone to bed and I could hear the clinking through the floor. Erm so I used to joke with my flatmates, why can’t he do it at 9 o’clock, I’m going to bang his door down, of course I never would have done. And then the clinking stopped and then I didn’t really notice it till one night I was lying in bed and thought I hadn’t actually hear him in a while. I was actually on a way to a Magic Me meeting, walked out of the house and there was an ambulance but one night I was walking down, one morning actually I was walking down the stairs erm on my way out to work and a man called out to me and he was coming out of the flat beneath mine and he asked if I knew my landlord, he said my landlords name and did he live in the flat, so I said no he’s my landlord I can pass a message to him if you’d like and is there anything I can help you with? And he said he need to speak to the person who owned the freehold of the house because, and then he paused and said, my son, he died six weeks ago. I was really shocked, I was thinking about it all day, I could stop thinking about this poor man who had lost his son who had lived underneath the floorboards I was walking around on and I had no idea and so I went home and spoke to my flatmates and we wrote a little note just leaving our mobile numbers saying if there’s anything we could do to help, just let us know one of us is usually in and we put it under the door because he wasn’t in. and the next day I was going to work and he came out and had a chat and said thank you for doing that. Over the next few weeks wed see him quite a lot cos he was clearing out his sons flat and he helped us fix our wheelie bin when it was broken, he was a really nice man. We talked quite a lot and he said his grandson was moving into the flat just to sort of look after it for a while and he was looking for a job and he was a year or two younger then me and my flatmates so would we mind keeping an eye out for him, erm which we did, he moved in and he came round for a cup of tea and we see him occasionally he’s a really nice boy. Erm, and I feel that it was such a sad thing to have happened for this like our neighbour had just had I think it was a heart attack one night, he’d just come in from an evening out with his girlfriend and died and had had this wonderful career that was just about to start and it was so sad that this had happened and it was even sadder that I had happened we hadn’t noticed. Erm But what came out of it was this moment of like connecting with his dad and actually having a sort of neighbourly relationship with his nephew who’s still living there for a little while, so it did have a positive outcome, in a sense, it’s definitely made me feel that I’ve more of a neighbourly relationship with their family it just came from such sad circumstances.