Speak as you find – Stepney Green transcript

Community to me is like a friendly place where different people from different like races and religions they come and live together in one place. Everyone around like my area is really friend knows each other, yeah. Mostly it’s all Bengalis there are also like some Christian people and we also like, they mix together with us like we can like talk to them and communicate with them really well, there’s no awkwardness and no ones left out. Now in our area with have like a little park and like people come there and they, you know boys they play football and then girls are just, they’re all chatty. That’s like and then other and I go to people house for like hep and stuff. Yeah I have friend from school that come but then I also have neighbours and my mums’ friends’ daughters that are my age and that how I got to know everyone else around the area. When I first moved I didn’t know anyone and mum knew like everyone there. I think I want to stay in Stepney green because it’s such a nice and friendly community to live in, wherever you go they’ll make friend with you instantly then you’ll get along then you meet new ones. I don’t think I want to move from Stepney green.