Speak as you find – His Mothers ashes transcript

Because I, I, with my mum I didn’t want her to be under or behind, and I spoke to the super intendant at the given time and I said er, and he said er well I’ve just instituted a wooded glade, and I saw aww I said that’s sounds and that, that time a dear friend of mine she was with me and she said oh lets go have a look and see it and they showed me it. And then she sort of hugged this tree, she was a tree hugger god bless her. Er and she said Lori this would be such absolutely wonderful we could scatter the ashes and then Winnie that passed away er a year and a half ago, I always said Winnie, she said lori if I passed, if anything happened to me, will you, can I, will you cremate me where your mum was, and I did that, an I so what you’ve shared with me it like echoing in terms. And he made a lovely wooden trellis that you walk through into this open area that’s quite overgrown-ish. And er the lights were shone through and the little birds (Bird noise) and I thought oh my goodness me this is absolutely perfect. And I when I sort of er scatter the ashes for my mum, I took the urn and I did the ashes in er the sign of the cross. And I had my priest with, reverent Jez, my catholic. And I don’t know why even to this day but I’m so pleased that I did it I just bent down put my hand on the ashes and put the ashes in my mouth. And the priest said Lori why did you do that? I said well I came from my mother and now my mother is in me. And he said I’ve never ever seen that, he said, how amazing that you said that, I, I’m absolutely sort of, he was overawed by it.