Can you photograph a dream?

Magic Me artists, residents and staff from three Jewish Care homes in North London and young adults set out to playfully explore, express and share their hopes, aspirations, memories and dreams using photography, storytelling and drama.

Working together allowed commonalities between participants of all ages to emerge. Whether they were young or old, staff or resident, the project allowed all ages to meet, share ideas and find things in common. 

We had different traditional views but ended up with two cultures taking photos together. Resident

The week long project  in 2015 was led by Magic Me artists  photographer, Liane Harris and theatre practitioner Lehni Olamide-Norman.

Residents and carers engaged with each other in a new way, as they talked about their dreams and had fun with the camera.  Caroline D'Souza, Jewish Care

The resulting photos are on permanent display in the three homes' shared communal space, the Pavilion which links the three homes at the new Betty and Asher Loftus Campus in North London.

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Titles right, top to bottom:
A Dream of Freedom
A Dream of Togetherness
A Dream of Pleasure

Titles below, top to bottom:
A Dream of Share Celebration - section of full image
A Dream of Contentment
A Dream of Love

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