Magic Me


Joanna Ingham shares The Women's Library Collection with Magic Me participants

Over the years Magic Me has worked with museums, galleries, care homes, schools, day centres, academies, housing estates, tenants’ associations, nurseries, historic royal palaces, businesses and community centres.

“Magic Me is one of our absolutely key community partners. We warmly value the organisation’s imagination, commitment and professionalism. These collaborative projects open the Library and our collections to important new audiences, and the creative work produced always makes a very valuable contribution to the life of the building.” Joanna Ingham, then Learning Co-ordinator, The Women’s Library

We work with organisations in different ways. We run projects in partnership with them, but also offer consultancy advice for people wishing to run their own programme. We tailor each project to the people participating in it and, if relevant, the place the project takes place in. Even though there are models we return to each year, we are open to new ways of working and welcome new collaborations.

If you want to get your organisation working with Magic Me contact Susan Langford.