What's Your Story?

We are making images: with freeze frame tableaux, with cameras and of course with the ideas and words that spring to mind when you “read” the images of others.
Our project, What’s Your Story?, is an exploration of how all people are image-making and image-reading beings. Often these images are made for us by others: we read the papers, we watch TV and get the impression that really important stories happen to other people. But it doesn’t take too long to turn our attention to the mysterious and powerful stories happening right under our noses, on our streets, in our families and even to ourselves…if we just take time to look.

We push back the chairs in the Art Room. We are the usual exciting mix of ages and backgrounds that makes Magic Me – well, Magic. George and his friends are practising an image to show the other groups and to explore with cameras outside in the playground with Liane (Project Artist).

In George’s image, several people, old and young, are arranged in calm poses with their hands in their laps. Here and there a detail catches your eye: fingers locked together or carefully fanned out; eyes open, half shut or closed. An immediate feeling of calm emanates from the image. It looks powerful, but where does its power come from?

Now we have to guess. “What’s Your Story?” I ask.

Shakuntala bursts into life! “I know this! It’s Yoga! I’m in my seventies and I’ve been practising this kind of thing for a long, long time. I never go to the Doctor. Look at me!”

She is radiant!

We really are looking, now: from Shakuntala to George’s image and back again. Whatever she’s got (we are all secretly thinking) would really help me get out of bed on a Monday morning…

“Yes, it’s Yoga”, says George. “My sister does it.”

At moments like these, the room is full of learning.

Ali Campbell, Theatre Practitioner

July 2011