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Older change-makers in London call for more intergenerational opportunities in new report

In a report prepared for the Greater London Authority that explores how London could become more age friendly and develop the role of older Londoners, Jane Scobie also explored the ideas and input of older change makers in the capital.  Interviewing older Londoners who are leading and mobilising to make London more Age friendly she wanted to ensure that her report gave them a voice in the discussions on how to develop better practice and make London a better place to grow old.

Jane interviewed older change makers and members of key stakeholder groups. In response to the question: “What project led by and for older Londoners would you like to expand and why?” she received this response about Magic Me’s Cocktails in Care Homes project:

“Cocktails in Care Homes – organises parties for young professionals and older residents. “we want to change the perception of what a care home is, remove the taboo and feeling it is an unknown place.” A key benefit to younger volunteers is to socialise with each other as well as with care home residents.”

Asked for three wishes to make London a better place to grow old one of the key themes coming out of these answers was around respect, intergenerational understanding and combating ageism:

“Being respected and understood by other generations, businesses and service providers is a key wish. Older change makers expressed concern that they were stereotyped and patronised despite their life experience. Action to support older people’s agency and multi-generational activities that bring different generations together as equals and for a common purpose is valued.”


You can read the full report here

Photos: Cocktails in Care Homes, picture by Lisa Belletty of People’s Post Code Lottery and

Bin Ageism project

Robbie Runs for Magic Me

Robbie Kings is running three marathons to raise funds for Magic Me’s Cocktails In Care Homes project. He has just completed the Seville marathon and will be running in Paris on 8th April and in London on 22nd April, we caught up with Robbie to ask him a few questions about this wonderful fundraising effort:

What made you decide to run for Magic Me?
Magic Me is a wonderful charity and it was important to me that any fundraising went directly to the people that need it. My grandfather died two years ago and my Nan now lives alone, so I understand the importance of bringing elderly people together in social situations. More broadly, I firmly believe that life is all about our connections with other people and the positive impact we can have on each other’s lives.

How long have you been running marathons?
6 years. I started out barely being able to run a mile and worked my way up to my first marathon when I was 29 in Amsterdam. Since then I’ve run Rome, Paris, Stockholm and Seville. Paris and London this year will be my 6th and 7th marathons.

Running three marathons so close together seems like quite a challenge? Have you done this before?
I did two fairly close together last year so I thought I’d go one further! There’s only a two week gap between Paris and London which is a bit scary!

What’s your favourite cocktail?
A caipirinha! After a month in Brazil I became very good at making (and drinking) them!

How old are you?

Where are you from?
Plymouth originally. I moved to London 5 years ago.

What do you do for a living?
I look after the marketing for west end and touring theatre shows.

You can help Robbie hit is fundraising target here