Magic Me

NAPA Living Life Magazine article

NAPA – the National Activity Providers Association – have featured our Artists Residencies in Care Homes in the latest issue of their magazine ‘Living Life’. The magazine goes to c. 2,500 individuals providing activities to older people, mainly working in care homes in the UK.

Our project, which involved four partner arts organisations providing residencies in four different homes over a period of 18 months, is featured in one of the main articles. Two of our project partners have also provided ‘Things to Do’ activities – allowing NAPA members to try out some of the project ideas in the care home settings they work in.  Upswing have provided ‘recipes’ for Feather Balancing and Scarf Juggling and Duckie have a number of ideas responding to the magazine’s theme of ‘get outdoors’ including creating a collage or mural as they did at Waterside Care Home in South London

Pile on the Pounds for Magic Me

Pile on the Pounds for Magic Me – not a new controversial diet but an opportunity to put the old ’round pound’ to good use before it goes out of circulation on 15th October.  All you have to do is download our pack of three images here .Each one represents something your pounds might buy for the charity: a taxi ride for an older person to get to an activity, supplies for a cocktail party, art and activity materials for a project. Choose one and cover it in old round pounds – they may well be lurking in the bottom of old handbags or down the back of the sofa! Once you’ve covered the picture tweet us a photo and then either bank and send us the money or come along to our AGM on 10th October and simply hand it over!  Do get in touch with our Fundraising Co-ordinator, Imogen at if you have any questions on this or other ideas for fundraising.

Generation Games with 64 Million Artists

Throughout August , 64 Million Artists (a national campaign to unlock the potential of everyone in the UK through creativity) is running ‘Generation Games’ a series of daily creative challenges to encourage young and old to get together and share some fun.

Magic Me has been invited to suggest two of these challenges, one is themed around Cocktails, the other around the work we did for Stepney Stories using shadow puppets.

Inspired by our Cocktails In Care Homes project – Make Personalised Cocktails or Mocktails: Find someone who isn’t the same age as you, a relative, friend of the family or neighbour and have a chat about what your interests are, particularly things you like to drink? If you were a flavour what would it be? What are your favourite flavours, ingredients and drinks? Find out more about this challenge here

Inspired by our Stepney Stories project – Create your own shadow puppet theatre – find out more here

You can sign up for more from 64 Million Artists here